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The first version of the iWell guidelines and curriculum is ready for translation!

The project partners succeeded to finalize the English version of the iWell curriculum. The iWell Curriculum and Training Material for Educators consist of 3 interconnected modules:

1. Emotional Well-Being

2. Social Well-Being

3. Digital Well-Being

Each of these modules entail 3 lessons lasting approximately 45 minutes each. The project aspires to support educators in the process of becoming “active health agents”, hence related teaching and learning will focus on developing students’ digital and life skills by using student-centred, experiential, participatory methodologies (e.g., role play, team games, discussions).

The minimum digital and life skills that are promoted in each module include self-confidence, decision-making and social skills (e.g., active listening, effective communication, sharing, cooperating, empathy, respect, conflict resolution).

The iWell Curriculum have now to be translated and adapted to local languages.

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