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About Us

Institute of Technology and Development (ITD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to do applied research and to develop innovative business and technology ideas and systems, supporting development of a digitally enhanced innovation ecosystem and its growth and empowerment.

ITD was established as a spin-off organization of the Centre of IST, Sofia University. ITD aims at supporting national and international governmental, non-governmental and industrial organizations for applying policies and strategies related to new technologies.

It is designed to strengthen the academic-industry linkages, to raise the knowledge and innovation culture as well as the entrepreneurial culture. ITD has established a large network of foreign partners.

  • Good record of participation in national and European projects.

  • Actively engaged in training and educational activities supporting the applications of new technologies in education, in community development, and in corporate information systems,

  • Crucial motivator and organizer of evaluation of new innovations made from entrepreneurs, students and young researchers.

  • Focus on methodological research and dissemination of best practices related to ICTs.


ITD is a Bulgarian Bridgehead organisation which represents the EURAXESS Service Network. The members of the Institute are well known academic and industry leaders. They use very focused innovation entrepreneurial culture for development of client-tailored skills, business processes and systems, as well as leading-edge ICT systems and products.

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Meet The Team



Full professor, Chairman of the Management Board of ITD, Senior Researcher.

He is coordinator of the VirtSOI (Virtual Services and Open Innovation) Living Lab and founder of Sofia Urban Living Lab (SofiaLab). He works in the area of Internet of Things, Future Internet, Smart City applications, Digital Repositories and Services, Knowledge Management, Innovation, e-learning, application of Living Labs methodology and tools in development of innovative products and services, etc. He has been involved in more than 70 projects from FP4, FP5, FP6, and FP7 projects such as ELLIOT, TARGET, SISTER, ECOSPACE, TENCompetence, Kaleidoscope, MECITV, UNITE, GEM Europe, Proteleuses, etc. He has more than 100 publications.



Full professor, Member of the Management Board of ITD; Senior Researcher.

Full professor in Computer Sciences, specialised in Educational Technologies, Digital Libraries for Cultural Heritage, Human-computer Interaction and Serious Games. MSc in Mathematics and/in Educational Technology, and PhD in Computer Science. Head of IT Department at the Faculty of Math and Computer Sciences. Strong background in Technology Enhanced Learning, Knowledge-based repositories, Applications and services for serious games and mobile technologies, Open Development Platforms for Software and Services, Semantic Based Knowledge Systems. National expert invited by the Ministry of Education and a Head of the National Committee for organizing school competitions in ICT. Member of the IFIP TC8 as Bulgarian national representative. Long experience gained by participation in more than 15 EC RTD projects as co-ordinator and WP leader (e.g. RAGE, weSPOT, Share.TEC, TARGET, TENCompetence, OpenScout, and others). He has more than 80 publications.

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Executive Director of ITD Foundation.

He manages operations and coordinates the international project activities of the institute, including R&D projects administration and financial management. He is proficient in financial management of the EU funded projects according to the Bulgarian and European law. As a head of unit at the National Statistical Institute he was used to manage relatively big teams of experts’ programmers, economic analysts, specialists on representative studies, counting of citizens. He has specialisation in ISPC/International Statistical Program Centre/Washington DC.

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