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The start of the project iWell – Enhancing the Digital and Social Well-being in Schools

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

On 20.9.2020 started a two-year Erasmus+ project iWell, dedicated on enhancing digital and social well-being in schools. The iWell project (Project number: KA201-5017C448) focuses on empowering primary school students, aged 9 – 12, to lead a healthy online life and boost their social well-being by helping them develop the necessary competences to make informed decisions regarding the use of digital media so they can control the determinants of their health.

The target group of the project are teacher trainers and teachers in primary school. The project consortium is composed of six leading educational and innovation institutions from six EU countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Ireland. Exploring active learning approaches and game-based scenarios, the project partners will provide teachers with effective tools to prepare next digital citizens.

In order to enhance students’ digital and life skills (decision making, social skills and self-confidence) to use digital media in a balanced way, iWell also supports educators in becoming “active health agents”.

In particular, the project aspires to facilitate the teaching process of health literacy and critical thinking skills and maximise related learning opportunities by providing educators with new approaches, ICTs methodologies and research-based evidence to integrate new tools into teaching activities.

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